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Sue slams empty Queen’s Speech

Sue has commented on the threadbare legislative agenda presented by the Government today in the Queen’s Speech.

Sue said:

“This has been the third Queen’s Speech since I was first elected as an MP, but today’s is by far the weakest. The Tory programme for government promises nothing in the way of investment for our community in Cumbria or our country as a whole. All that we have been promised are further spending cuts to vital public services.

“Many flagship commitments from the Tory election manifesto have been dropped – from bringing back fox hunting, to disastrous social care reforms, the return to grammar schools, and a number of cuts which would harm pensioners. It’s clear that Theresa May hasn’t a hope of getting these through Parliament, so has ditched them from her legislative agenda.

“It’s clear that Theresa May and her government are utterly incapable of taking the decisions needed to build a better Britain, and only Labour has the bold vision that would spread prosperity to all parts of our country. We would bring forward a Queen’s Speech to address the huge challenges facing Britain, offering hope to millions and investing in jobs, services, and communities. Labour is a government in waiting.

“Only a Labour government will invest in our NHS and give our schools the funds they desperately need. Only a Labour government will build at least 100,000 genuinely affordable new homes, and hire an extra 10,000 police officers. Only a Labour government will stand up for the many, not the few across Cumbria and across Britain.”

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