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Sue presses Prime Minister on climate change action

Sue has written to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, following the Youth Climate Strike on 15th March 2019. Sue attended the strike on Cockermouth Main Street, at the invitation of Isabella Bridgman of Cockermouth School, to show her support for their commitment to urging government to work to tackle dangerous climate change and to protect… Read More

Sue seeks assurances from Minister on future of animal medicines

Sue has sought assurances from the Government’s animal welfare minister, David Rutley MP, on the future of veterinary medicines after Britain leaves the European Union. During the parliamentary debate on the Veterinary Medicines and Animals and Animal Products (Examination of Residues and Maximum Residue Limits) (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019), Sue posed a number… Read More

Sue Hayman MP – Comment on tonight’s No Deal vote

“Tonight, I will vote to take a No Deal Brexit off the table. There is no support in either Parliament or the country for a “No Deal” Brexit. Businesses know it would be a disaster, and those on the lowest incomes would be hit the hardest. Far from an opportunity, all economic analysis and forecasts… Read More

Sue Hayman – Comment on Spring Statement 2019

“Nine years of failed Tory economics have created a society of low pay, long hours, insecure work, with low investment, low productivity, and low growth. Meanwhile, the Tories’ bungling of Brexit is pushing the economy closer still to the edge of chaos, with the potential for facing price rises, job losses, and businesses failing. “The… Read More

Sue slams local library cuts on World Book Day

Sue has hit out at the Government’s funding cuts to local council budgets after the true scale of cuts to local libraries has been unveiled. New research, commissioned by the Labour Party, has revealed that the number of books issued from public libraries in North West England has plummeted by 45% since 2011. The number… Read More

Sue backs Fairtrade Fortnight campaign for cocoa farmers

Sue has this week met with farmers from the Ivory Coast, Rwanda, and the Dominican Republic at a parliamentary event as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, which sees communities, schools, businesses and faith groups up and down the country holding events in support of farmers from developing countries. The Fairtrade Foundation’s campaign She Deserves a Living… Read More

Sue backs a #BetterDealForAnimals

Sue is backing a new #BetterDealForAnimals campaign, to help ensure that animals don’t become victims of Brexit. The campaign calls for animal sentience to be explicitly enshrined in UK law, as it is in the EU, and for any future legislation or Government policy to fully take into account its impact on the welfare of… Read More

Sue Shows the Love to tackle climate change

Sue has joined the Climate Coalition’s #ShowTheLove campaign, joining hundreds of thousands of people in Britain showing their support for protecting people, places and lives they love from climate change. Sue wore a green heart as part of the campaign which celebrates things that could be lost without efforts to tackle climate change – from… Read More

Sue attends debate on medical devices regulation

Sue has attended a parliamentary debate on the regulation of medical devices. The debate was called by Owen Smith MP, following recent scandals involving devices including surgical mesh, defective pacemakers, faulty artificial hips and harmful breast implants. A recent investigation by The Guardian found that there were 62,000 “adverse incident” reports linked to medical devices… Read More

Sue meets Sir David Attenborough in Parliament

Sue has met Sir David Attenborough at an event in Parliament that highlighted how global warming is melting the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps. Sue said: “Climate change is the greatest challenge facing our planet, and I was delighted to meet one of my heroes, the legendary environmental campaigner and broadcaster Sir David Attenborough. “Sir… Read More